Why a well-planned plotted development like Adarsh Savana is a perfect place for living in the post COVID era?

October 18th, 2021

Covid-19 has been considerably affected by the overall world’s economy. Although the industry of real estate is one of the most affected industries during the ongoing pandemic, this impact is not as pronounced as in several other industries. During the phase of last year, many Individuals have moved into their own homes or made very significant investments in purchasing their own homes especially in the metropolitan cities like Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. The plotted developments have emerged as the most popular investment option amongst property investors. While talking about Bengaluru specifically, the plotted development in north Bengaluru has witnessed a high demand. Many reasons are behind this trend. That invaluable sense and contentment of ownership is also one of the major reasons why more and more people are willing to own their property.

Reasons why Adarsh Savana is a perfect place for living in the post COVID era

Adarsh Savana is a premium plotted development located in Yelahanka Extension in North Bengaluru. These plots are meant for building premium villas that are suitable for premium living. Adarsh Savana is spread across 99 acres of land and has 1100 villa plots along with a large clubhouse of 44,000 square feet.

Here are the primary reasons why the plotted development in north Bengaluru like Adarsh Savana are emerging as an ideal investment option in recent times.  

  • Affordable –The premium plotted development of Adarsh Savana are more affordable both for homebuyers and investors. The investment cost on the plotted development in the developing areas is seen to be far lesser as compared to the city’s prime locations.
  • High returns –You will surely receive long-term returns if you invest in a plot in Adarsh Savana as the price value of the plots keeps increasing in the developing areas across Bengaluru.
  • Plot sizes & flexibility – The plot sizes are available in different sizes ranging from 1200 square feet to 2400 square feet and other odd dimensions. The owners of these plots would have all the freedom and  flexibility of building a home of their interests.
  • The opportunity of lucrative investment – An investment in the plotted development of Adarsh Savana is certainly a lucrative investment. When it is about plots, the entire value of the land increases over the course of time. The capital required for the purpose of investment is much lower in case the investor invests in a plot in Adarsh Savana as compared to an apartment. A plot in Adarsh Savana would assure you high returns and also give you a faster opportunity to exit.

Besides the investment opportunity that is associated with Adarsh Savana, the plotted developments are deemed to be the perfect place for living in the future, especially in the post-COVID times. The residents living in this community would be able to maintain the desired social distancing norms as there are ample open spaces between two homes. Also, the residents here can get an uncluttered lifestyle with a happy environment and a lot of fresh air to breathe from the large landscaped gardens.

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