Sense & Sustainability – Green Initiatives across Projects by Adarsh Group

July 12th, 2019

In an era of urbanization and hyper-connectivity, the world cannot help but feed off its available natural resources. Climate change once called an unrealistic conspiracy of the elites, is impacting the world rapidly. Chennai has already been faced with an acute water crisis while New York has become the first city in the world to declare a climate emergency. While measures are being taken, India is also changing its ways with a promise of tomorrow. Sustainable architecture is a huge step towards the conservation of the environment and securing the future of many generations to come. The Adarsh Group is as much concerned about the environment as you are. We are interested in changing the world, one green initiative at a time. In a period of environmental urgency, we focus on sustainable housing and architecture which will change the world of tomorrow.
Sense Sustainability
Sustainable Construction
Adarsh Group believes in the principles of sustainable construction which gives ‘more’ and consumes ‘less’. From taking measures against dust emission to reduction of fugitive emissions, we are minimizing air pollution and its greater impacts on the environment.

Rethinking Water System
Smart meters to measure water usage, introducing modern flushing equipment, sewage treatment plants, and dual piping system are a handful among many measures taken by Adarsh Group, which will help homeowners in conserving water. Water will be recycled via the dual piping system wherein treated water will be used for landscaping and flushing (in toilets).

Smart Lighting
Solar powered lighting and heating is the game changer for sustainable electrical systems. With new age fibre optic cables and the use of LED lights fixtures, lesser energy consumption is guaranteed, which leads to increased power savings for homeowners. Smart living is the way to go!

Goodbye, Carbon Footprint
The archaic tradition of using timber for doors and windows is replaced with using durable and recyclable materials like U.P.V.C. material. Furthermore, concrete cast bricks and clay-tile roofing have proven to minimize the weight of the buildings, as well as improve thermal insulation. This, in turn, reduces carbon footprint. The use of G.G.B.S. (or ground-granulated-blast furnace-slag) concrete has been effective in reducing carbon footprint as well.

Sustainable Lifestyle
No one ever said that sustainability is only for the environment; it extends to individuals as well. Hence, at Adarsh Group, we look forward to taking care of you with our latest project, Adarsh Palm Acres, which boasts of a sustainable habitat with plenty of space for jogging, swimming, exercising, etc.,in short leading a healthy lifestyle with limited environmental impact.

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